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Wolfville, Nova Scotia


MOMA Russian Avant-Garde Book Exhibition

Chris Campbell

The Museum of Modern Art in New York is an amazing place. While working on Echoes in the Rink: The Willie O'Ree Story we shot in New York and I was able to spend an hour or so quickly going through the MOMA. It was overwhelming and not enough time to absorb the massive quantity of material there. One thing that was particularly fascinating was a collection of Russian Revolution photographic prints. I've always loved that period in terms of writing and art and it was neat to see prints. I just recently found the Flash-based supporting Web site for an exhibition that took place from March to May of this year. "The Russian Avant-Garde Book 1910 - 1934" collects together books from that period. But how do you display physical artifacts such as books on a Web site using Flash? They have pages for view, but the neatest thing is the "Reading Room" where you can go through a series of images of a person wearing white gloves turning the pages of the books. It shows off the construction of the books. A great use of Flash and it gives me ideas for how to organize a large quantity of material efficiently.