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Beckett on Film

Chris Campbell

Every now and then something happens that you don't know about...well I guess that more often than not things would happen that everybody wouldn't know about...anyway...Samuel Beckett was an amazing playwright and while surfing around channels last month I saw a visually stunning adaptation of "Act Without Words II" that featured a mime in a sack within a film frame. I was transfixed and then realized that I was watching "Beckett on Film" and I later found out that the project adapted all of Beckett's plays to the screen with strict adherence to Beckett's scripts. The other highlight was "What Where", directed by Damien O'Donnell which made me want to see the rest of the series. It is available on DVD, but it's a bit pricey... but someday it will be mine. Even more interesting was to find out that there were a series of directors chosen to direct the pieces with names such as David Mamet, Atom Egoyan, Patricia Rozema, Neil Jordan, and Anthony Minghella.