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Wolfville, Nova Scotia


Small World

Chris Campbell

Sometimes I'm amazed at how the world seems so small. I'm in Yarmouth now, which is the left side of the map of Nova Scotia. I drove 300 kms West from Halifax earlier today to come here for a followup session to the NSCC Faculty Orientation that I attended in Truro in the summer. It was a great drive down along the southern shore of NS and I'm also looking forward to the drive home up and along the top side of the province. By Monday I'll have gone from Wolfville this morning all around the province and back to Halifax...kind of neat when I look at the map. But a 700 km round trip isn't the small world part. I checked in to the motel and then wandered over to the mall to get some air and a snack. A minute into the mall I see one of my former students from Fredericton, Bill McBride. I recognize him, but I suddenly get confused as he's supposed to be in Fredericton and I'm... where am I now? It turns out that he's just in Yarmouth for the day, but what are the odds of seeing someone in a place where I've never been before? Pretty good, I guess and a very pleasant surprise. To top it off I went online and I received an email from a neat person I met at the Atlantic Film Festival who I was thinking had maybe lost my address. A small and wonderful world indeed!