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Wolfville, Nova Scotia


the {fray}

Chris Campbell

Sometimes you see something that triggers a memory of a place that you haven't visited in a while. I saw a link and then revisted the {fray} which collects great stories that are personal. It's a great place to find personal writing in the setting of great (and appropriate) Web design. I think that it's the first place that I ever posted something on a Web site. I'd started my own site, but it was the first time that I contributed a personal story to someone else's site. It takes a lot to make me do that I've realized. Now the {fray} is over half a decade old and has extended into the real world with cafes and meetings and also with stuff to buy. It was started by Derek M. Powazek whose story about working at Wired in the good old days prompted me to write about a new job that I was excited about.