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World AIDS Day

Chris Campbell

Link and Think BadgeToday is World AIDS Day. I'm participating in the "Link and Think" project that encourages 'bloggers to link to resources and stories related to the fight against HIV/AIDS. AIDS has been around for a while now and while much more is known about HIV/AIDS, there is still a lot of work to do. I'm afraid that many younger people don't realize how important an issue it is unless they know someone who is HIV positive or who has died. The most unreported story related to HIV/AIDS is the growing pandemic and the unimaginable toll that it is taking on Africa. While I had heard mentions of the problem, it wasn't until I saw an interview and heard a speech by Steven Lewis, the UN Envoy on AIDS in Africa about the crisis. It's a massive problem that is destroying a generation of Africans with death rates so high that the educational system is losing teachers at a rate so high that they cannot be replaced. Find out more about World Aids Day 2002 at the UNAIDS site. The Link and Think project has a collection of links to those who are participating in the project.