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Wolfville, Nova Scotia


Why Rabbits Should Not Roam Free in the House

Chris Campbell

On Sunday afternoon the high-speed Internet connection at home suddenly stopped. I checked and it just wasn't working. So I called the phone company to see if they could fix it. We ran through the usual troubleshooting stuff and then they said that they'd have to have someone come over to fix it. But the earliest appointment was December 23rd! A day without access at home went by. You don't realize how dependent you become on something until it's gone... no Internet radio, movie trailers, news and information...
Then I think... hey, maybe I should switch ISPs... so I research that a bit and then I think, maybe I should try to use the modem in a different plug. So I unplug both ends and then notice that the phone cord is chewed through. Then I realized that the rabbit was out and hid behind the desk for a while... a bit later the Internet wasn't working. I quickly put two and two together and realized what had happened... so I don't think that the rabbit should be out in the house very much anymore.