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The Matrix

Chris Campbell

The new trailer for the two Matrix sequels, Reloaded and Revolutions are up. The first one is out in 53 weeks, the second sequel in November 2003. Two films that I'm looking forward to. While many people talk about the online marketing campaign for the Blair Witch Project, around the same time or maybe a bit earlier, went up and had a neat online teaser. You had to register to get a password which was emailed to you. Then you could see stuff once you logged in. It think that it really tapped in to the whole computer geek thing without condescending. They had a series of online comics that explored the world of the film without the actors. It established the context and didn't take away from the experience of the film. It enhanced it. They still have more comics coming, but for the new films they will also have the Animatrix, which are a series of short Anime films set in the world of the Matrix. As Mr. Reeves says, "Whoa."