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Wolfville, Nova Scotia


Cultural Emergency

Chris Campbell

Still tired from the conference in Moncton I received a call from Brian White, a filmmaker who was about to go up North to shoot a documentary about how Mike Stevens is taking donated instruments up to Labrador to help the kids there end their substance abuse. Errol Williams is letting Brian use his camera, which Brian picked up last week. But the power supply used to charge the batteries is still sitting in the editing room here. Brian's flight to St. John's was scheduled to leave something like 15 hours or so from the call, so I had to declare a "Cultural Emergency" (a term coined by Paul Pope) and we formed a hasty plan. Brian and I met at the Tim Horton's in Windsor so both of us would have only half the distance to drive. When Brian and Jessi arrived I find out that it was their Wedding Anniversary! So they got to spend the last hour of their special day driving around because Errol, Brian and I forgot an important piece of gear. Happy Anniversary!