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Birgitta Jonsdottir

Chris Campbell

Birgitta shows her work.The second person I met on my way to the Atlantic Cultural Space Conference was Birgitta. She's an artist from Iceland (location seems to determine so least when you meet people... "Hi, where are you from?" starts off the conversation so often at conferences... it usually implies where were you born, where did you live, where are you living... but I digress) and she read some poetry, showed some of her printed work and work online. She talked about a project she's involved with that is producing two books "The Book of Hope" and "The World Healing Book." It's a way to foster a dialogue and positive response to the violence and sorrow in the world. Her site, seen in the picture along with her showing it off, is called Womb of Creation. She was fighting a cold at the time but has the great quality of being unable to tell a lie. It was neat to see and talk with someone who does a similar thing with moving away from more complex and flashy sites and focussing on the content.