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Wolfville, Nova Scotia


Saoirse Higgins & Mathieu Léger

Chris Campbell

Saoirse editing and Mathieu performingThe first person that I met on my way to the ACS Conference in Moncton was Mathieu. He was driving the van to the airport in Halifax to pick up me along with 3 artists from Iceland, one from Newfoundland and one from Ireland, who happens to be Saoirse. Mathieu's a cool interdisciplinary artist based in Moncton and Saoirse is a cool new mediator from Ireland but currently living in Scotland. (Again with the where were you born, where are you living, where have you lived...) They had a joint performance piece that unfolded over 3 days at the conference. It was based on the works of Samuel Beckett and combined live performance with recorded video. The pictures show Mathieu performing and Saoirse editing. A very neat combination of old media (the human voice and body) with new media.