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Wolfville, Nova Scotia


Valérie Lamontagne

Chris Campbell

Valerie shows off the work.I've known about Valérie's work before, but I met her for the first time in person at the conference in Moncton and we were on a panel together. She's one of those multiplying hats people where she's an artist and a curator. Not just any curator (not to disparage curators as I haven't known very many), but one of the very few curators of in Canada. As an artist she's responsible for the neat and useful Advice Bunny.
Curatorially she also was a major part of Location/Dislocation which is just amazing. On the panel she talked about location and space and seeing the work and MobileGaze which presents and contextualizes work online. Based on talking with her and listening to her on the panel I figure I have a couple of books to read and a ton of stuff to check out online. To see the latest thing she's involved with as a curator you should experience Matter + Memory which is launching tonight at Oboro in Montréal. If I was in Montréal now I'd be going, but I'll have to be content with exploring things here at home in Wolfville.