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Páll Thayer

Chris Campbell

Pall and the ISJS.One of the cool artists who came over from Iceland for the Moncton conference was Páll. He's doing some very cool stuff with sound and images that evolve and interact with people over time. At the conference he showed "Choirpiece for Four Computers." Using some iBooks and an Airport base station one iBook lead the "choir" of 4 networked computers by sending notes for them to sing. The notes have to fit within a certain scale and when they are sent the image of a mouth on the screen of the computer opens and the note is played. Very neat. The coolest thing was "Intercontinental Spontaneous Jam Session" which allows multiple people to change the parameters of sound and images that play from a server and are sent out to whoever is connected to the site. The photo has the interface for the ISJS and Páll's silhouette It's a very cool combination of a server where sounds are generated using PureData along with PHP and Javascript to do some processing and Flash for the visuals. I can't wait for it to launch so more people can see and experience this.