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Mr. Show

Chris Campbell

I'm the proud owner of the new DVD of the first and second seasons of Mr. Show. Pretty much impossible to describe, Mr. Show is the brainchild of Bob Odenkirk and David Cross. If I'd arrange my favourite sketch comedy shows it would go like this: Monty Python's Flying Circus, The Kids in the Hall, and Mr. Show. What links them together and makes them all last is that they don't necessarily parody specific celebrities or movies, but work on a broader level by poking fun at attitudes or genres. Or maybe they just all make me laugh. Mr. Show never pulled a punch and has a great structure similar to Python where all of the sketches are linked together. Bob and David tried to get the shows released on tape and dvd for years, and finally HBO figured that they could make some money and brought out the first two seasons... I hope that more will follow. They regularly contribute to their own Bob and David site with writing that can give you an idea of the sensibility of Mr. Show. The other thing to look for from the guys is "Run Ronnie Run" which is the Mr. Show movie that was completed a while ago and premiered at Sundance, but has yet to have a release date's not about convincing Mr. Reagan to enter politics (someone else has to make that comedy)... but it's about the most arrested man do people make deals with Bob and David to make sure that they're stuff doesn't get seen?