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Randy Knot and Ron Gervais

Chris Campbell

Randy and Ron's iamstatic presentation.Randy and Ron were presented some of their work at the Moncton conference. Two amazingly talented and nice guys who were based in Halifax, but were moving to London, Ontario as the conference was going on. Masters of Flash, they are exploring the possibilities of storytelling using that tool in amazing ways. With a great combination of sound and image, interactivity and a refreshing linearity at times they know the difference between Flash for Flash's sake and exploring a medium. I had a great chat with Ron about aspect ratios and the Coen brothers in a bar in Moncton as "The Big Lebowski" played on the tv in the bar. Doesn't everyone love the Coen brothers and a wide, letterboxed aspect ratio? Ron and Randy have an online art gallery called iamstatic that is filled with thought-provoking and solid work.