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Wolfville, Nova Scotia


Jan Marontate

Chris Campbell

Jan and the panelI met Jan at conference in Moncton as she was on the panel hosted by Zenon and also featuring Valérie and myself. The embarrassing part is that she lives and works in Wolfville a few blocks away from me and although I've lived here for two years I've yet to meet most of the cool people in my own neighbourhood. The picture (with Jan on the far right) is from the panel which was entitled, "Curatorial and Archival Processes: Art and the Web" and initially I wasn't sure if we'd all fit together, but it ended up working wonderfully. Jan, who's in the Sociology department at Acadia, talked about preserving art created in variable do you save something when the technologies are changing so quickly. The time seemed to go quite quickly and it felt more like the beginning of a discussion.