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Wolfville, Nova Scotia


Brigitte Noel and Rodrigo Guiterrez

Chris Campbell

What ultimately convinced me to go to Moncton for the conference was finding out that Brigitte was the facilitator of the e-lounge. I first met Brigitte a few years ago when I was teaching a Digital Media course in Fredericton. She wanted to start in a program that had already been underway for a few months. At first I wasn't sure as there was a lot that had been covered -- the foundation of the courses. She convinced me that she could catch up and she did and then kept going and ended up at the top of the class. Both creative and technically solid, she's an amazing person and I love any chance to work with her or see her. The other half of the support team in the e-lounge was Rodrigo who solved the problems and kept things running smoothly smiling all the time. All this while his very pregnant wife was within weeks of giving birth. Talk about managing pressure and stress well! The comments that I heard from the other artists were all positive about the amazing support that Rodrigo and Brigitte provided and they gave a welcome sense of comfort, stability and fun to the e-lounge. Hats off for a job well done!