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Wolfville, Nova Scotia


Souvenir of Canada

Chris Campbell

What does it mean to be Canadian? Or more to the point, how does it feel to be Canadian? In general I think that Canadians have a difficult time defining themselves--and that causes a lot of anxiety in Canadians. How can we explain ourselves to other people...we're different! Canadians seem to spend a lot of time struggling with the definition of Canadian identity...there is the usual listing of famous (usually in the U.S.) Canadians who most people (outside of Canada) don't realize that are Canadian. There are the statistics, but just before Canada Day (July 1) I bought the new book, Souvenir of Canada by Douglas Coupland (the Canadian and author of "Generation X") and it really clicks. As Coupland writes on the back of the book I wanted to give people a book that explains what it feels like to be Canadian. And I wanted to find a new way of doing this... If you look at the pictures on the site from the book and they mean something to you, well, you must be Canadian.