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Wolfville, Nova Scotia


Faculty Orientation

Chris Campbell

Today I'm leaving Truro after a week of Faculty Orientation to the NS Community College. It's hard to believe that it's over and that so much seems to have happened. The College is an amazing institution filled with people absolutely committed to helping people make a better life and to change the world. Teaching can be difficult at times, but the rewards make all of the challenges that we face fade away when we hear that someone that we influenced is working or has improved their life. To get new faculty prepared for the challenges ahead the Office of Organizational Learning hosts a week of Faculty Orientation just before the new teaching year begins. New faculty from throughout the 13 sites of the College assemble in Truro and share, learn and bond together. It starts building a network of personal resources that we can draw upon in the days and weeks ahead. One of the most enjoyable parts (aside from hearing everyone's story...that's how we make sense of the world, isn't it?) of the week was a trip to Gitten's Lodge where we tried to solve a murder mystery. I took some pictures of the fun where members of the group role-played. I'm tired and happy and proud to be in the company of this incredible group of people. It's a great start to life at the College and I can't wait to catch up with everyone a few months from now to see what they're doing.