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Blosxom is Released

Chris Campbell

Congratulations are in order for Rael Dornfest who has officially released version 1 (and then 1.1) of Blosxom, which efficiently has been powering this 'blog since I started it. One of the neat features is static rendering which makes for a more logical and efficient archive for me. So now categories and dates will let you go to entries with a logical hierarchy. i.e. for all entries from 2002 (with for just December of 2002) for all of the entries in the "film" category. Keep up the great work Rael! I've updated the site with it and it took only a few minutes. Then I set up the static archive along with a little cron job to generate it automatically...a bit geeky, but it's nice to have a simple system that works well that is easy to understand and use.