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Wolfville, Nova Scotia


Talkin' Honky Blues

Chris Campbell

I hadn't heard anything from Buck 65's new CD, Talkin' Honky Blues, but I loved the other CD that I bought, so I got it and I love it. I'm listening to it right now on my new PowerBook (but that's another Titanium-tinged story for later). It's filled with great lyrics, catchy loops & rhythms, great instrumentals, and just good songs. One neat aspect thrown into the mix is the addition of live musicians which move the CD into the world of carefully-crafted, alternative music. It's an eclectic combo with Buck's distinctive voice forming the core and music elements that remind me of Portishead and Ennio Morricone along with a sprinkling of Tom Waits. I don't want you to think that Buck 65 is derivative... he's original and not derivative... there are just some family resemblances. It's eclectic, very listenable, and beautifully crafted. I think this could be "The Big One" that moves Buck 65 into the larger consciousness of the music public. But, I've got the CD and he's doing ok, so whether greater success spoils him or not won't affect this lovely little disc. The CD has some enhanced CD content (which is something I'm partial to) with a video that provides a neat glimpse at Buck 65 and some info about the CD as well as a link to the "Buck a Month Club" where I'll be getting more music every month. Now it's in heavy rotation in iTunes and in the CD player in the car.