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My New PowerBook

Chris Campbell

I actually received it a few weeks ago, but I didn't write about it right away, but now I'll tell you about my new PowerBook. I've been lucky in having PowerBooks where I've worked over the last few years and it's definitely part of my computing lifestyle. The three PowerBooks that I've had have all been great and have never been the first models of that generation. Most of the time they've been the previous model when the new model came out. My first PowerBook was a 1400 which was a great colour PowerBook with a neat top lid that allowed you to change the cover... it even came with a template to make your own covers. The keys are worn down and shiny as I used it every day. The power supply went after I had it year or two and it had to be replaced. My second PowerBook was the one that I just moved from and it still works well aside from the sound going and a frayed power cord that had to be replaced.

I found out that I would be getting a new PowerBook and patiently waited for it to come in as rumours constantly swirled around about the new Aluminum 15-inch PowerBooks. When the sound went on my trusty old "Pismo" G3 PowerBook and the need for a new PowerBook became much stronger. Then the announcement of the new 15-inch Aluminum PowerBooks was made and my PowerBook hadn't arrived so I was hoping that I'd get one of the new Aluminum 15-inch PowerBooks. Then mine arrived and on the outside of the box it said Titanium, so I knew that I had one of the older Titanium ones. I quickly got over my disappointment (there wasn't really much disappointment) and started using it and I have to say that I like it a lot. It has a SuperDrive so I can burn CDs and DVDs and it's spiffy and good looking too. I'm still getting used to the keyboard and trackpad and sometimes I do miss the feeling of my old Pismo PowerBook. Another reason that I didn't write about this right away is that the power supply went shortly after I received it. I plugged it in and there was a spark from the white square of the adapter and it wasn't working. So for a week I was able to get recharges from other people who would lend me some power, but I had to move back to my Pismo to do work. But now the TiBook is my home and I'm enjoying it. The next thing that I have to do is run Final Cut Pro 4 a bit more and see how it works.

So while I don't have the latest and greatest, I'm still very happy that I've got this PowerBook. It's probably better not to have the very first of a new generation as the later models are the ones that are tweaked and fixed and honed. That's it for talking about this new computer.