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People Like Us

Chris Campbell

One thing that I've realized is that while I have a bit of a background and interest in sound I don't have a lot of sound-related stuff on the 'blog. I do have images and lots of film stuff, but not much sound stuff outside of more traditional music at all. I've been fascinated the last few days with a radio show from WFMU, "DO or DIY with People Like Us"
hosted by People Like Us who is Vicki Bennett. The show is a neat collection of offbeat music and collages created by People Like Us that I just love listening to.

I first heard People Like Us as part of the Illegal Art exhibition where her hauntingly beautiful track "Swinglargo" is included. I then saw the video "We Edit Life" that she was commissioned to make for Lovebytes. What she cuts and mixes together is clever and fun and with obscure references that I sometimes pick up and sometimes don't, but always enjoy. She's also profiled as a Featured Commoner as she's a supporter of the Creative Commons project and is one of the people who suggested a sampling license. She has a very wide range of recordings available for download on her site, so you can listen and then buy some CDs. I've got to listen some more myself and buy some CDs. (But People Like Us also makes me want to do more with sound on my own too...the last thing I did was silent!)