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L'Homme du Train (The Man on the Train)

Chris Campbell

L'Homme du TrainLast week I saw Patrice Leconte's L'Homme du Train (Man on the Train). I've wanted to see it for a while and the Fundy Film Society brought it in and I was able to thoroughly enjoy the tale of two men and roads not taken. I love a well-structured film and L'Homme du Train has a relatively elaborate construction, but the amazing thing about the film is that for the most part it is two men in rooms talking or thinking. Jean Rochefort and Johnny Hallyday are the two men, a retired teacher and a bank robber, and they wonder how things would have been had they not lead the lives that they had lived. It's wonderful to watch the story unfold and the characters develop in an understated, economical fashion. Rochefort is a pleasure to watch and Hallyday has the most incredible eyes that make you wonder what is going on behind them. The film exemplifies that less is more with a melancholy tone that I found beautiful.