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Cellular Remote Control

Chris Campbell

Via Rael I saw this nifty little bit of Bluetooth wizardry... the Sony Ericsson Clicker which uses the Bluetooth capability of the cellular phones from Sony Ericsson to turn the phone into a remote control for a Bluetooth equipped Mac with 10.2. You can control your presentation, the dvd player, or use the proximity sensor to pause iTunes when you leave the room. It's very cool and illustrates the potential that Bluetooth has....hmmm... Bluetooth TVs, radios, lamps... they'd shut off when you leave the room. But I've still got too much stuff that I lug around... my PowerBook, my cell phone and my Visor... and I'm still waiting for my cell phone provider to provide the ability to send email from my phone directly... I can receive it, but no sending yet...then I can 'blog via mobile phone... that will be cool and brief.