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Wolfville, Nova Scotia


Six Feet Under

Chris Campbell

Some time last year, late one night during a free trial or when I was somewhere that had a cable channel that I don't subscribe to, I saw a chunk of the pilot of the series "Six Feet Under." What caught my attention was seeing Peter Krause who starred in the excellent "Sports Night" series... I thought that it was an episode of "Sports Night" that I hadn't seen, but I realized that it wasn't. The first season is out on DVD now and I watched the first 3 episodes. The series was created by Alan Ball who made "American Beauty" and they share some elements. The drama is built around a family-owned funeral home and part of what I liked is the way that the family history and tensions emerge in the early looks great and has a great ensemble cast who all seem to have deep roots in theatre... The family chemistry is great with a neat dynamic between mother, brothers and sister with a somewhat wacky employee thrown in. I want to see the rest of the episodes and I'm looking forward to checking out the second season as well.