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Chris Campbell

The sequel to X-Men isn't like the original, even though pretty much everyone is the same on both sides fo the camera. X2 is a lot of fun and not as serious as the original. Sir Ian McKellen (who's web site has a great personal touch) pretty much steals every scene that he's in...he's very watchable and obviously loves what he's doing. Much like the first film, part of the pleasure is watching a great actor bring life and depth to a comic book that could become campy...and the scene between McKellen and Patrick Stewart is a pleasure to watch. Alan Cumming also brings a suprising degree of feeling to the character of Nightcrawler, which shows that Brian Singer's casting instincts are solid. Another acting highlight is that Rebecca Romijn-Stamos is given more lines and more of a role than in the first film. Overall I liked it and wasn't disappointed at all. A great cast with a good comic book story.

It's interesting that I'm writing more about the acting than the special effects and action...well, it's a comic book film... and it does it very well... the first one has more depth, but X2 is a lot of fun, but it suffered from me seeing the Matrix Reloaded trailer for the first time on the big screen before the film. Now that's a film that will have some pretty amazing action.