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Wolfville, Nova Scotia



Chris Campbell

I have to say that I love gardens, but for some reason I am horticulturally challenged. A few years ago we tried to grow some vegetables in our back yard, but everything died or was eaten by animals...but the animals would have starved as we only had 1 or 2 pathetic tomatoes. That's why a beautiful public garden is impressive to me. There is the peaceful and relaxing nature of the environment and then there is the fact that someone had to think about how it all fits together and grows and looks.

Yesterday I was walking home from lovely downtown Wolfville and stopped in to the Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens at Acadia University. It's another one of those things where you live close to something and walk or drive by it and never really see much of it. Carolyn and I walked around inside the gardens on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and vowed to return when everything was in bloom.

Still in the garden mood, I heard that the Halifax Public Gardens were open today and I went for a walk. It's an amazing place to go, right in the heart of Halifax. It was the first public garden in Canada and was opened to the public in 1837. A beautiful and authentic Victorian garden it's a large and comfortable place surrounded by iron gates and a pond with ducks...just the place to spend some time on a sunny day. I have to get out more!