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Resonance FM

Chris Campbell

My regular Internet radio source has pretty much been Soma FM's Secret Agent feed, but occasionally I need to listen to something different. Gair Dunlop is back on this side of the ocean for a while and he mentioned a London radio station called Resonance FM that has a feed available. I tuned in and the first thing I heard was a program that was all...backwards... the next time that I listened it was more of a disco and dance mix with some entertaining banter in between the songs, and then a music and spoken word program. Now I'm listening to a program about fruit machines, which I've learned is what slot machines are called in England. Definitely eclectic and interesting. It's a radio station in London that broadcasts at 104.4 FM is operated by the London Musician's Collective. Resonance FM was 1 year old on May Day.

Reading about and listening to the station it reminded me of my days in (on) radio in New Brunswick when I worked on a comedy show and then returned to do a news and public affairs show. The station was CHSR-FM, based at UNB in Fredericton. They have a feed as well.

Resonance FM broadcasts live at noon (GMT I suppose) every day for 12 hours (a bit longer on the weekend), but they also have a recorded loop that runs during other times. One of the neat things about the station is that it is live and commercial free... there is something that I love about live radio... the knowledge that there are people on either side of the microphone and speaker who are connected either through the radio waves over the air or the signals flying through the Internet. A great combination of the human and technological.