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Wolfville, Nova Scotia


iPod AV?

Chris Campbell

I was playing with the new iChatAV beta using audio chat and wanted to use the new iSight, but I don't have one, and my G3 PowerBook is too slow for video chat. But I was thinking about the amazing design of the new iSight and how it just uses FireWire to connect. Then I was thinking that it would be cool if you could take that camera off of the computer to take pictures unconnected...then I thought about the iPod, which is a FireWire hard drive. Hmmm... if you plugged the camera into an iPod you have a camera and a hard drive. (But now the iPods have a Dock connector instead of straight FireWire.) What if the iPod 2 or iPod AV had a colour screen, video playback and recording capability? That would be cool. Plug in the iSight, look at the iPod screen and record video... and maybe if the iPod had AirPort you could stream video from the iPod or have a neat wireless iChat without needing a keyboard...maybe sort of an iPhone for around the house? It seems as if all of the parts are in place for this and maybe it's just a matter of time.