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Wolfville, Nova Scotia


Trust and Business and Teaching

Chris Campbell

I'm firmly embedded in a discourse of teaching, learning and supporting now. It's everywhere around me and as with every time you are really into something everything is related to that. Kind of like relating everything you see to that great movie you just saw, etc.
Teaching is a great honour. You're given the responsibility to help people change their lives and you have to take it seriously...but you don't have to be too serious... but anyway... One of the most important and difficult things to do in the classroom is to build the trust between learner and teacher. To not control people, but to build a safe, trustful space where learning can take place.
It applies to business too. Putting more controls and barriers up doesn't make people want to buy something. Doesn't trust work? I still see roadside stands in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick when I'm driving that have vegetables out and jars or boxes to leave money in. Someone may rip the money or produce off, but it's a risk that they're willing to take. I have lots of faith in people and if you have faith in them, they'll give it back to you.
This entry was kicked off by a blog entry by Jason Kottke "Business lessons from the donut and coffee guy" which tells of a donut and coffee vendor in New York city who trusts his customers to make change. It restores your faith in humanity every now and then to read something like that.