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Wolfville, Nova Scotia


Digital Dialogues

Chris Campbell

I've had the good fortune to be included as part of an exhibition at the Acadia University Art Gallery called "Digital Dialogues: connecting in art and science". The exhibition was curated by Gair Dunlop who is a visiting artist from Scotland who I met in New Brunswick at the Atlantic Cultural Space Conference in May. One of the other people that I met there was Jan Marontate who thought that it would be neat to get Gair back here. Flash forward a year and a half later and thanks to funding from the Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art Science and Technology, Gair has been back and he's curated a great show that explores the area around here, which is next to the Bay of Fundy, and explores art and science, science and art, and it gave me a chance to explore some things I wouldn't normally explore. The project was coordinated by the talented Janice Hudson who toiled away in the Peter Gzowski room with Gair. The amazing crew at the Acadia Institute for Teaching and Technology also were an integral part of the whole process and they did some neat stuff (as they usually do). This is just the perspective that I have looking from slightly outside the whole process, which always requires a lot of people to make something wonderful happen.

Circular Logic stillFor my contribution I took a series of 1005 digital stills to form a set of 7 loops around 3 locations in Wolfville. I would take a still, step to my right and then take another still and repeat the process from between 60 to 400 times. I then combined the stills together to form animated loops. Then I played with it in Final Cut Pro and made filmstrips that remind me of working with 16mm film. Finally I put it all together onto a DVD that I burned. It's called "Circular Logic: 7 Loops in Wolfville" and it's part of what I think of as the inappropriate use of technology. It involves using technologies is way that they aren't really supposed to be used. It was a lot of fun. Eventually it will be up on the Web and I'll let you know more about it and I've also got to go back and explore more of works as the opening was tonight and I didn't get a chance to explore much. The show runs until September 24 at the Acadia University Art Gallery in the Beveridge Art Centre in Wolfville.