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Wolfville, Nova Scotia


Frame x Frame I

Chris Campbell

The first animated shorts program of the Atlantic Film Festival, Frame x Frame, was a diverse and entertaining mixture of styles, technique, and stories. Some of the highlights of the program was a 3-D animation called, "The Freak" which told the story of a ... freak ... who wanders around a city. It had a great soundtrack and a neat use of shallow focus, which you don't see all the time in 3-D animation. The highlight of the program was another 3-D animation called "Blink" which tells the story of the challenge that a family of worms face when their home is threatened. There was also some more traditional animation with an Irish adaptation of an Inuit legend, "From Darkness", and the NFB's "Penguins Behind Bars" which was a slightly long take on the girls gone bad noirish drama with penguins. At another stylistic end was the evocative sand-animation of "Rehy Fox" which featured a beautiful soundtrack of an Irish man telling the story of a canny fox.