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Chris Campbell

John Greyson's latest feature film is the hauntingly beautiful Proteus, which, on the surface, tells the story of love triangle set in 1725 in a prison garden in Cape Town. Greyson doesn't like things to be too simple and it's amazing to watch how all the diverse elements unfold together. While it is a historical drama it is full of wonderful anachronisms and is constructed in a such a way that makes you realize that you are watching someone tell a story, even though you still become emotionally involved. The film took 6 years to make and is the blossoming of a collaboration between John Greyson and Jack Lewis. The production is a coproduction between Canada and South Africa and effectively uses the South African locations. The careful crafting of the script and the ideas tells a story that works across time and combines themes that you wouldn't think possible in a way that is both visceral and intellectual.