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Wolfville, Nova Scotia


Festival Fun

Chris Campbell

Today was a busy day and I'm just in the middle of it. The Atlantic Film Festival is in full swing now and the nice highlight and heart and oasis of the festival for me is the Linda Joy Media Arts Society Brunch which is held every year at Brunswick House in Halifax. There is great food and the most wonderful people. The festival becomes a bit of a blur after a while, but I always have a safe, warm, wonderful time at the Brunch which makes me feel so glad that I'm part of this whole business that (my theory goes) is the result of a recessive gene... the filmmaking gene... if you've got it, you've got some stories in you that you have to get out there. Meeting other filmmakers is the best part most of the time, because they understand and you don't have to explain "why do you do this?" I'm also very mentally spent now so I'll have to catch up with writing about films tomorrow since I think that this is about all that I can squeeze out today.