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Wolfville, Nova Scotia


Fun With NetNewsWire

Chris Campbell

I love NetNewsWire. I registered it and use the pro version and it's always running in my dock. Now it's the main source for news for me. It's also the main way that I keep track of the 'blogs that interest me. I have been able to keep the feeds down to 22 so I don't have to scroll, but I think that I may need to add some more. NNW recently had a nice little update to version 1.0.4 which now uses Apple's Web Kit (the renderer in Safari) for displaying the HTML and it also allows you to use your own CSS if you want to control the display within NNW. My favourite new feature was suggested by Aaron Swartz who script is used to implement HTML differences which shows any revisions to an entry as green text and what was replaced as red strikeout text. It's a neat way to see how someone changes entries on a site. I like seeing the traces of revisions as a more ephemeral history.