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My Life Without Me

Chris Campbell

My Life Without Me pictureIsabel Coixet directs the amazing Sarah Polley in My Life Without Me, the story of a 23 year old woman who finds out that she only has months to live. It's a beautiful film with cinematography by Jean-Claude Larrieu and camera operation by Coixet. It's a Spanish / Canadian coproduction that was shot in Vancouver and the solid and moving performance by Polley forms the heart of the film as she decides to make the most of her last days on earth. While it was moving at times, it wasn't overly moving, but it could be because so many of the films at the festival this year have been dealing with themes of death that maybe when I saw it I was a bit desensitized to that aspect of the story. A beautiful, well-crafted film that is definitely worth seeing. Coixet also has her own site that is pretty neat too.