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No Maps For These Territories

Chris Campbell

One of the challenges with independent films is seeing them if you don't go to a lot of film festivals or have some of the premium cable channels. A few months ago I found the site for Mark Neale's 2001 documentary about William Gibson, No Maps For These Territories. The DVD was available through the site, but I didn't get around to ordering it. But now the DVD is released more broadly by Docurama and I was able to rent it and just watched it. It's a fascinating documentary that is built around a series of interviews with Gibson in the back seat of a limosine. Gibson is a fascinating writer who thinks and writes clearly about the technology that surrounds us. (I'm slowly working my way backwards through Gibson's novels after I read Pattern Recognition and now I'm reading All Tomorrow's Parties.) The film plays around with the image in post and features a great soundtrack and lovely digital images. It's a great blending of the subject and the ideas of Gibson in a great documentary. I haven't had the time to explore the extra features of the DVD yet, but I'm going to buy it and explore away. The site for the film also has lots of information and clips about the film. The world of documentary is becoming much more exciting with people pushing the limits of the form and exploring new ways of making documentaries.