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Bye Bye Browser

Chris Campbell

I've been using the browser less and less since I started using NetNewsWire to read RSS feeds. It's one the best shareware investments that I've made. It's simple, well-designed and works well. Most of the time I can quickly get a lot of information via the feeds and NNW lets me check out things that I'm really interested in. When I used to click on a link it would open in my browser which is usually Safari, but I'm using Firefox a bit now. Now I'm using the latest beta which makes a good thing even better. Support has been added for Atom feeds and the weblog editor has been broken out into a new application called MarsEdit. The thing that has changed the way I look at things the most is that now (thanks to WebCore) I view pages within a tab that pops up in NNW. It's a great idea and now I'm going outside to the browser less when I want to check something out. Simplifying things is always good.
MarsEdit is something that I wasn't sure I'd use that much. But I've been using it a bit and I think that I'll use it more. I'm not using Movable Type as much now which is what I used the weblog editor for before, but I am using Blogger and I can post to Blogger using MarsEdit with the quirk of not being able to set the title, but that's on the way. I'm also thinking of using it a bit with this blog which is Blosxom-based with me editing the posts in BBEdit. The change in the interface of MarsEdit is that it now works and looks a bit more like email, which makes a lot of sense. The email workflow is closer to how blogging works intellectually. That being said, why am I writing longer posts now?