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Wolfville, Nova Scotia


First Storm of the Season

Chris Campbell

Chair Covered with SnowSnow Covered ChairWhat a difference a day makes. It was a nice looking snow storm, but it kept coming and when it was over there were close to 40 cm of snow on the ground and the trees and the power lines. It was heavy, wet snow and it brought down 6 large transmission towers and knocked out the power to my house in Wolfville for about 51 hours. Without power you realize certain things or maybe things that you know are just confirmed. I'm addicted to coffee and I spend a lot of time online.
While I knew these things, I didn't realize how much light and being online had altered my perception of time. With the dark I always thought that it was later than it actually was and I slept more. But one of the neat things was that I had a bit more time to think and I got to enjoy the warmth of a wood stove. The sad thing is that bushes and branches on the trees around the house were bent and broken. We also lost a lot of food, but we all managed to stay warm and safe.