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Wish I Was There

Chris Campbell

I've been looking at some of the notes that people have been taking at the latest O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference in San Diego and I really wish that I could be there. Cory Doctorow's notes are great and have induced my sense of missing some stuff that is amazing. Two of the talks that got me thinking were Elizabeth Lawley's talk, "Breaking into the Boy's Club" about diversifying your team and how to attract women to tech-heavy and male-dominated fields. Great advice that I will use. The other one that got me thinking a lot was the "Life Hacks" session by Danny O'Brien who is the editor of Need to Know. O'Brien talked about how geeks organize their lives. I recognized a lot of things that I do and some advice that I think will help me get things together a bit more. But I wish I could have seen and heard it for myself!