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Wolfville, Nova Scotia


Film Co-op Memories

Chris Campbell

The first film set that I was ever on was "The Spectre of Rexton" which was directed by Kevin Holden. It was many years ago in the 1980s and my first impression at the time was that it was very, very warm. It was a scene with 4 actors in a building in downtown Fredericton just around the corner from the NB Filmmakers' Co-operative. While there was a lot of waiting around, people were in good spirits and it was exciting. Most people had things to do and it was amazing to watch how everything came together. The scene was blocked, the actors rehearsed, the lighting was tweaked and then they did the scene. The actors were really good and weeks later I was able to see the rushes and it was very cool to see how it actually looked a lot better on film than it did in person. I was hooked. I only was able to go out on other special effects and test shoots since the shooting schedule was mostly at night and I had a part-time job that interfered with it. But I knew that I would love to have the chance to work on a film and started looking for opportunities to work on more stuff. I still love the place and the people there.