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Citizen Kubrick

Chris Campbell

Jon Ronson has a fascinating article called "Citizen Kubrick" in The Guardian today about Stanley Kubrick's archive. It's an amazing look into the massive amount of research that the filmmaker conducted with each of his projects. Each Kubrick film is precisely constructed and assembled together. I never get the sense of anything accidentally being included in one of his films. Jan Harlan's documentary, A Life in Pictures gives a picture of the man and his work, but Ronson's glimpse into the Kubrick-designed boxes filled with photographs, letters and other more exotic artefacts from the artist's life show the attention to detail that made each of his films so breathtaking. The article comes just before the opening of The Stanley Kubrick Exhibition at the Deutsches Filmmuseum and the Deutsches Architektur Museum. I wish that I could go, but the Web site has great photographs and information about the exhibition.