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Wolfville, Nova Scotia


Mr. Show Season 3 DVD

Chris Campbell

I really like Mr. Show and when it was aired in Canada on The Comedy Network I taped as many as I could. But there were some gaps, but now in the age of DVD it is getting easier to get an entire series in a boxed set. The show had a tough time as the fans who were able to find the show loved it, but the people higher up in the production chain didn't understand it so it was bumped around time slots on HBO and then was cancelled after 4 seasons. I finally got around to buying the third season DVDs since I read on Bob and David's site that they just recorded the commentary tracks for the fourth season DVDs which could be out any time in the next year. HBO has an odd pattern of releasing DVDs of series. Some things come out fairly regularly, but other things take a long, long time. The third season of Mr. Show continues the sketch comedy series that linked all the sketches together (as Monty Python did). It's biting and relatively timeless in how the comedy grows out of characters and situations and not directly from the news of the day.