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Wolfville, Nova Scotia


Film Co-op Spring Social

Chris Campbell

Friday was a busy day for me. I started out the day with the last day of the term with a wave of assignments coming in to me that now need to be marked. Then my friend Errol and I drove up to Fredericton for the NB Filmmakers' Co-op Spring Social. We didn't tell anyone that we were coming, so it was a surprise when we showed up. It was a great night with many old friends that I hadn't seen for years and lots of memories. The party had a wide range of members from over the years, from one of the founding members to some of the newest members. I started hanging around the co-op in the early 1980s, but at the party I saw my original membership application which was dated August 28, 1985! So while I worked on some things before I joined, I officially joined then. That's still a long time! I hope that I will be able to be around the co-op a lot more this year to catch up more with the current members and to see the stories that they are telling.