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The Work of Director Michel Gondry

Chris Campbell

I've liked just about everything that I've seen from Michel Gondry, from music videos for The Chemical Brothers and Bjork to the film Human Nature. While he's brilliant at music videos, in Human Nature it felt a bit forced, but Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind was a great combination of his talents within a great script with what appears to be little studio manipulation. I've been watching the Directors Label DVD The Work of Director Michel Gondry and I'm amazed by the talent of the man. After watching many of the videos you begin to see patterns of repetition and common themes and everything is dreamlike. The most amazing video is Bjork's breathtaking Bachelorette which makes your head spin to watch it.
While the videos are great to watch, the neatest part of the DVD is the documentary about Gondry growing up and how and why he works in the way that he does. I've Been Twelve Forever takes you through his childhood and mind in an entertaining and visually exciting way that lets us behind the curtain of some of the visions that he has brought to the screen. It's a lot more than a promo piece that consists of people talking about how wonderful it is to work with him and Gondry himself tries out a lot of different visual tricks to show how he's thought about his life and the music videos and manages to keep coming back to the same themes in different visual styles. It's a great DVD that I'll be spending a lot more time with. It's fun and inspirational.