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Wolfville, Nova Scotia


Public WiFi in Fredericton

Chris Campbell

Fred-eZone signI've been up to Fredericton briefly a couple of times in the last 3 weeks and one interesting thing that is going on there is that downtown there is free, unlimited public WiFi access (the Fred-eZone) in the downtown area. The network is made possible due to some forward-thinking in the city when they decided wire up the downtown with fiber in 1999 just as it looked as if there was no end to the dot com boom. The high-speed network downtown was set up for the needs of the city, but with the excess capacity they decided to open it up to the citizens of Fredericton. What a great idea! I haven't wardriven much, but what is cool about how they have things set up in Fredericton is that there is a little "e" with radiant lines on the side of signposts and buildings in areas that are covered. I sat on a bench with my PowerBook a couple of weeks ago and went online. It was neat to do and it worked well. Inside the Film Co-op (which is just above where the bench is) it didn't work as well, but that could be due to the walls or other things in between it. It's great that Fredericton has it and I wonder how many people are using it. It would be great if this would catch on in other places.