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Wolfville, Nova Scotia



Chris Campbell

I've been a member of ZeD for while and have been watching and lurking without uploading anything. In the past the only thing that I've uploaded has been a tiny thumbnail image for my profile page which is called bitdepth. ZeD is a great project initiated by the CBC who have some talented, creative people working on digital media stuff. ZeD is a tv show on the CBC and a web site that shows and collects content as well as discussions. It's a community of creators and viewers and they give you a space to upload and share your work. They also broadcast uploaded work on tv and tv work on the Web. The name of the community is phonetically how the last letter of the English alphabet should be pronounced, which is a point of pride for some Canadians.
Today I uploaded video that I made last summer. It's called Truro Loop and it is only 3 1/2 seconds long, but it loops so it can be just about however long you want it to be. I'll be uploading more stuff soon.