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iBook vs. PowerBook

Chris Campbell

My Titanium PowerBook has a problem with white blotches on the screen - or behind the screen to be more precise. That means that it's out for repair now and I'm using a relatively new 14-inch iBook. It's a neat machine and it's made me realize how the designs of the PowerBook and iBook differ. The very first thing that I noticed was that I've become accustomed to the wider screen of the PowerBook. The aspect ratio of the PowerBook is wider, which means that I work differently with that screen. The reason I can see such a direct contrast was that I synchronized everything using iSync and Backup which meant that all of my preferences were moved over along with all of my Address Book and iCal information and my very important Safari bookmarks. It's one of the easiest moves that I've made from one machine to another. (I'm writing this now in BBEdit which has all of my preferences so I can upload the entry via ftp within BBEdit.) The biggest difference though is the temperature and noise. The iBook is dramatically quieter in terms of the hard drive and fan and a lot cooler. My Titanium PowerBook gets warm very quickly and the fan can come on often, but the iBook stays relatively cool and I have yet to hear the fan come on. The quality of the sound from the speakers is better on the PowerBook, but a laptop isn't I'll be glad when I get my PowerBook back, but I wouldn't mind having an iBook which surprises me. I guess that it's similar to the difference between an iMac and a G4 - it all depends what you are doing with it. The iBook is a great laptop.