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Fishing With John

Chris Campbell

John Lurie is a very cool guy. He's a talented composer and jazz musician who also happens to act and hangs out with cool people. Lurie made a tv show a few years ago called "Fishing With John" where he went out fishing with Jim Jarmusch, Tom Waits, Matt Dillon, Willem Defoe, and Dennis Hopper. There were 6 episodes produced (the Dennis Hopper one has two parts) and it's not so much about fishing as it is about Lurie and his guests. Each episode follows the usual fishing show format, but things are a bit off. The narrator delivers tidbits of information and sometimes loses track of things and talks about sandwiches and just starts rambling. Highlights for me were the Tom Waits episode in Jamaica and the very odd ice fishing in Maine with Willem Defoe (where the narrator claims that they died). The show was written and directed by Lurie and some of episodes veer wildly around. They are entertaining and interesting to watch with an original soundtrack from Lurie. I'd like to see his latest show which is called "Are You Comfortable?" but I don't know where to find it yet.