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Chris Campbell

Doc Searls points to a great bit of writing on Britt Blaser's blog Escapable Logic. He writes about blogs as conversations (which is not new) and puts things in a great way. The theme he explores is: "Memorable conversation is the foundation of civilization." That quote hit me and it's one of those moments where the time and place and state of mind where I am all click.
Right now I'm in Truro taking a course with another amazing group of NSCC people. We talk a lot and share experiences of teaching and the rewards of working together to change the world through changing people's lives. It's important that we talk with each other and maybe the popularity of blogs and blogging is due to this inherent need to speak and be heard. Blaser hits the nail on the head in saying that blogs "contain a huge body of thoughtful conversations" and then he connects the conversations with actions to make the world a better place with the Spirit of America project. It's amazing how quickly things can happen when people work together and engage in conversation which leads to action. People are working to make the world a better place. It reminds me of the amazing outpouring of support and random flowers to same-sex couples who were getting married in San Francisco in February that was made possible through conversations on the Web.